Self defense course

28 February 2024 / 17:00 - 18:00

Sign up now for an 10-week Defensibility course. In cooperation with High Five Martial Arts we are offering a fun course starting February 28 where different techniques will be covered. 

This course is for students with a Sports Pass (€7,50) but also for students without a Sports Pass (€22,50).

What is the course about?
The first weeks are all about technique: where do you hit and punching/kicking on cushions.
Halfway through the course we start working together and working with cushions and clips, holding each other. In the last lessons, we look at different situations, using objects. 

In the last lesson, we try to break a board and practice realistic situations.

So something you don't want to miss, right?

- When you register, the intention is that you attend the full course. You may miss classes due to illness, for example, nor is it possible to drop in or out halfway through the course.
- If you have a paid membership that expires at the time of the course. Then you can just finish the self-defense course.

These are the following class times:

February 28
March 6
March 13
March 20
March 27
April 3
April 10
April 17
April 24
May 8