Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions - Student Sports Leeuwarden.

Student Sport Leeuwarden is part of Leeuwarden Student City, which aims to make your student time as enjoyable, fun, and unforgettable as possible. 

1. Personal

The digital sports card is personal and not transferable. Only the person mentioned with the photo and data on the sports card may use the sports card.

2. Application

You can apply for the sports card at www.studentensportleeuwarden.nl. After payment, the applicant will receive his/her digital sports card.

3. Validity of the sports card

The Basic card is valid for 6 or 12 months after the activation date. Sports Card Plus is valid for 3, 6, or 12 months. 

4. Payment

Payment of the sports card can be made by iDEAL or bank transfer. 

5. Check

When visiting an affiliated sports club, the holder is required to show the sports card using the QR code/link. All affiliated associations have the right to carry out checks. When unable to show the digital sports card, associations have the right to refuse access and/or not provide discounts. The sports card holder must keep to the class times. Entry may be refused in the event of late entry. 

6. Sports card return and refund

Premature termination of the sports card is only possible if a valid reason is given. Valid reasons include internship, exchange, graduation or medical reasons. Termination of studies or moving are not valid reasons. 

The sports card holder sends an email to sport@leeuwardenstudentcity.nl stating the reason for the early termination. Also, the sports card holder must submit a (copy) of a proof document, for example, an internship contract, exchange contract, diploma or doctor's certificate. 

Right of withdrawal
The sports pass holder will get his/her money back within 14 days provided they have not participated in any of the sports classes.

7. Discount

With the sports card, the sports card holder can play sports at a reduced rate at the affiliated sports clubs. Look for the current offer on the website. Student Sport Leeuwarden is not liable for any failure to issue the discount at the sports association in question.

8. Internal regulations

The sports cardholder must comply with the regulations of the sports association. The sports card holder also has to comply with the instructions and directions of the employees of Student Sport Leeuwarden and the other sports providers.

9. Material management

Everyone is expected to handle materials with care and to clean up used materials where necessary.

10. Changes in prices and offers

Student Sports Leeuwarden reserves the right to adjust prices and sports during the year. Student Sports Leeuwarden reserves the right to move basic sports to other locations in Leeuwarden during the year.

11. Liability

Student Sport Leeuwarden is responsible for the proper execution of the program as described on the website and for the obligations arising from the membership agreement. 

Student Sport Leeuwarden is not liable for theft or loss of personal property of sports card holders. Participation is at your own risk. None of the participants are insured by Student Sport Leeuwarden against physical injury or material damage during sports practice. 

12. Use of personal data

The personal data provided by the sports card holder will only be used by Student Sport Leeuwarden/Leeuwarden Student City. The data serve the purpose of identifying the participants of events and the sports card holder when visiting one of the offered classes from the sports program and Student Sport Leeuwarden. In addition, you will be informed by email about class cancellations, schedule changes, and activities of Student Sport Leeuwarden. 

13. Making visual material

Leeuwarden Student City is entitled to make photographic and/or film recordings on the occasion of an event for the purpose of publicity of a promotional nature. By entering the location of the event the participant gives permission to do so.

Leeuwarden, November 2023