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Get yourself sponsored and thereby sponsor KWF as well! 

This year we are playing soccer for life

Cancer is a disease that affects us all. One in two Dutch people are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer disrupts your life, whether it is your own battle or that of a loved one. Fortunately, KWF is getting better at treating the disease. Thanks in part to the efforts of countless donors, volunteers and campaigners, the 5-year survival rate for cancer patients has already risen to 67%!

LSV in action for KWF

Living better with and after cancer. That is what scientific research is all about according to KWF Cancer Control. Research that leads to earlier detection, better treatments and optimal care for everyone affected by cancer. Help too and contribute to pioneering cancer research.

Sponsorship roadmap

1. Go to

2. Click on "join my team" and register your team on LSV's campaign page.

3. Create an account. Enter the word "team" under first name and your team name under last name.

4. Receive donations via your own team page. Each team has 1 action page.

5. Approach 1 company to have your team sponsored.

6. Have the sponsor fill out this sponsorship form.

7. Send the completed sponsorship form to

8. LSV prepares an invoice and sends it to the sponsor.

9. Order your T-shirts (minimum 7, maximum 10) at See explanation for ordering T-shirts.

10. Once the invoice is paid by the sponsor, everything will be processed and the team captain will receive information about picking up the T-shirts. Payment must be in by May 6 so that production of the sponsored items can be initiated in time. If team participation is sponsored, the money will be returned to the team captain's account. LSV will transfer the sponsored money to your own created action page. The 3 teams that raise the most money for KWF will receive a prize.

Roadmap ordering T-shirts

Have you found a sponsor? Super! Then order your T-shirt now here:

Ordering a T-shirt is as follows:

1. You order T-shirts for the whole team in 1 order (minimum 7, maximum 10).

2. Choose your favorite T-shirt.

3. Select the T-shirt sizes of you and your teammates (minimum 7, maximum 10 shirts and all in the same color).

4. Enter team name at "choose your options/printing".

5. Add the T-shirt to cart.

6. Go to checkout once all T-shirts are added and confirm your order. Please note that no payment will take place here.

7. LSV creates an invoice and sends it to the sponsor.

8. Once the invoice is paid everything will be processed and the team captain will receive information about picking up the T-shirts.

You can download the sponsorship form here. You have until May to find a sponsor.

Please note, do register your team before you start collecting money.