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Golf is challenging and more popular than ever! More and more people know how to find the golf course. At Studentensport Leeuwarden we offer you the opportunity to enjoy this challenging sport. Golf is a sport that requires both concentration, precision, and physical skills and it offers a great way to enjoy nature. It doesn't get any better outside!

We say "Welcome to the club" at Leeuwarder Golfclub De Groene Ster. Whether you want to learn to play golf or refine your strokes, our golf sessions offer guidance and support to help you develop and improve your golf skills.

Are you already an experienced golfer? Then you can take advantage of our special student annual rate. For the beginning golfer, there is an attractively priced 'All-In-One Student' package.

All-In-One Student package:
In groups - max. 10 persons - you get your golf skills certificate:

Phase 1: Obtaining course permission.

  • 5 lessons of 1,5 hours and a course of 2 hours
  • Lessons are given by the golf professional
  • Guidance by a mentor during practice rounds
  • You are a member of Golfclub De Groene Ster
  • Registration with the NGF (Dutch Golf Federation)

After completion of phase 1, you can play unlimited on the 18-hole course.

Phase 2: Obtaining handicap 54
You will learn the golf rules and do a golf rules exam, after which it is possible to obtain a handicap.

  • 2 golf rules lessons and rules exam at the golf club, or digitally by self-study
  • 4 golf lessons of 1,5 hours given by the golf professional
  • Play qualifying rounds to obtain your starting handicap (54)

All-In-One-Student package € 270 (including lessons/golf club membership/NGF registration/exam fee)
Period of validity: 6 months

Experienced golfer:
If you are already an experienced golfer then you can play unlimited golf for the special student membership rate of € 282 per year.

Location: Leeuwarder Golfclub De Groene Ster

Relaxation and exertion. That's golf! We look forward to having a great time together with you on the golf course of Golfclub De Groene Ster!

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