Thursday 7.00 - 8.00 pm I Rengerslaan Leeuwarden
Fiswerderweg 38917 EW Leeuwarden-plan route

HIT (High Intensity Training) is an effective and efficient way to improve your fitness, increase your sports performance and boost your fat burning. It is perhaps the most effective method to speed up your metabolism. At Studentensport Leeuwarden, we offer HIT training for anyone with experience in sports.

During a HIT workout, short, intense exercises are performed with minimal rest periods between exercises. This gets your heart rate up and forces your muscles to work hard. The result is an improvement in your endurance, strength and overall fitness.

It is desirable that you do your own warm-up before starting the class so that you are well prepared for the intensive workout.

Whether you want to take your fitness to the next level, improve your sports performance or speed up your metabolism, HIT training is a great choice. Stop by and experience the powerful and challenging workout of our HIT workouts. We look forward to seeing you on the training floor!