€ 25 per course consisting of 5 training sessions
Table tennis
Douwe Kalmaleane 48915 HA Leeuwarden-plan route

At Studentensport Leeuwarden, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the fast and agile sport of table tennis. Table tennis is a sport that requires concentration, speed and precision and offers a great way to improve your reflexes and have fun with fellow students.

Our table tennis sessions take place at TTV Ready. Here you get the chance to develop your table tennis skills and take part in challenging matches and training sessions under the guidance of experienced players.

Table tennis is suitable for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Whether you want to learn to play table tennis or improve your playing skills, our sessions provide the ideal environment to develop your hitting technique, footwork and strategy.

Prices: € 25 per course consisting of 5 training sessions
Times: start 4 October
Location: TTV Ready
Website: https://readyleeuwarden.wordpress.com/

Come along and experience the speed and excitement of table tennis. We look forward to enjoying the game with you and improving your table tennis skills at TTV Ready!

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