An introductory dive for €30 or 10% discount on an Open Water course
Diving course
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At Studentensport Leeuwarden, we offer you the opportunity to explore the fascinating underwater world by taking part in a diving course. We cooperate with the Diving Association Leeuwarden, located in the swimming pool the Blauwe Golf, to offer you a comprehensive programme.

The diving association has a special offer for students going on a Grand Tour. This includes practical lessons in the Netherlands, where you will learn the necessary diving skills and techniques. You then have the opportunity to 'dive off' and take your PADI exam at Grand Tour locations, such as Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa.

It is important that students can prove that they have participated in practical lessons in the Netherlands. This can be done by keeping a logbook or by creating a PADI account, documenting all dives made.

Diving is an adventurous activity that gives you the chance to discover a completely new world. It offers you the opportunity to explore beautiful coral reefs, exotic fish and other underwater wonders.

Introduction dive for € 30
Open water course € 425 (full diving course in the Netherlands)
Open water course € 350 (diving course and theory in the Netherlands and 4 open water dives abroad)

Time: Wednesday 8:30 -10:00 pm
Location: Swimmingpool ‘de Blauwe Golf’ for practical lessons (specific locations will be provided by Diving Association Leeuwarden)

Come along and join our diving course. We look forward to diving with you and preparing you for an unforgettable diving experience on your Grand Tour. Diving Association Leeuwarden is ready to accompany you on this exciting adventure!

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